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I started my working career as a truck driver during the week and stock car driver on the weekends. As a stock car owner and driver, I quickly learned the importance of dedication and attention to detail. Literally my life depended on it. I was able to go from not knowing what I was doing to being a successful owner/driver in a short period of time. In 2012 I had a life-changing injury that made me give up all the hobbies and things I was good at that was physical in nature. After a lengthy recovery, I was searching for a new hobby I could put all my efforts into like I did stock cars. This is where Pixel Pro Prints was formed. It started as a hobby and quickly was my new race car. I viewed printing as I did building race cars and step by step started getting really nice results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print Cell phone photos?
Yes. They usually turn out best with the newer cell phones but might be limited in size they can get put on.
Can I send a photo to you to see how you think it will turn out?
Yes, email any photo for our recommend size and picture preview at no charge.
How long to get a preview of photo done?
Usually within 24hrs on a business day.
Can I get a photo with no mounts?
Yes, we include our 3d printed mount with all photos 16x20 and smaller but this is at no cost to you. You can specify no mount with the preview.
Can I have mounts installed to certain dimensions?
Yes, but depending on the changes there might be an additional fee involved.
Can I make changes to order?
Yes, all the way up to confirming your preview.
How big can a print be?
If your photo allows, we can print up to 40x60.
Files we accept
Original jpeg and tiff only. Up to 100MB, if over 100MB please contact us.
What resolution can you print at?
we print most photos between 150-300dpi.
What color profile should I use?
Make sure your image is RGB and in the Adobe RGB 1998 work space. (Adobe Photoshop: Go to Edit/Color Settings) Then save your file as Tiff or Jpeg and check the box that says "embed profile".
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